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Narrative Designs

Inspired by scripts, poems, and texts of any kind.

Rage, The Oresteia Revisited

Light design for Rage, Oresteia by Aeschylus Revisited directed by Leslie Baker and produced at Concordia University in Montreal, QC.


Larkin's World

Inspired by Philip Larkin's poem, Why Did I Dream of You Last Night this inside-out dreamscape is a glimpse into the mundane yet beautifully drab British countryside.



Animated production design based on my original script; a tale of two buttons sewn together and torn apart, living, loving, and confronting  life's most existential questions.

Copy of Storyboard.jpg


Set design for Sarah Kane's play, Blasted transforming a minimalist hotel room into a catastrophic moment frozen in time, suspended glass holding the tension of the play.


King Lear

Production design based on William Shakespeare's epic play, King Lear exploring themes of blindness, decay, and the uncompromising forces of nature.



Light design for a staged reading of Anne Carson's text, Antigonick. I was part of the light design team responsible for mounting this staged reading in under one week, challenged to create effective looks from a light plot intended for an entirely different production.


La Luciole

Production design for a portable puppet show based on a reimagining of The Fable of Prince Leo and the Firefly by Matt Powell. This story follows an isolated writer who ventures from the comfort of his kingdom indoor the vast world of color and becomes enchanted with the light he finds there.

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