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from performer to designer...

​​I've always been in search of the sublime. I grew up in upstate NY and relocated to Montreal in pursuit of an exhilerating career. I spent my twenties traveling the world chasing the rare and all-too-brief transcendental moments of which the richest inspiration is derived. 

I became a circus artist for two reasons: the feeling of soaring while viewing the world from upside down, and the preciously unique exchange between audience and performer. Both are magical to me still.

I used to describe myself as an aerialist, time traveler, and imaginary line-crosser. These days I call myself a designer and more broadly, a creator.


But truthfully, I am simply a maker. I love to make things.​​ I love to write stories, create artwork, design emotive aesthetics, cook delicious food, and climb walls whenever I can.

My experiences fuel my work, thus I am in constant search of new perspectives and the curious upside-downs of the world. In my art I am restless and habitually exploring new avenues. Challenging myself is my favourite game. And I believe in striving to make play and work synonymous.


"in constant search of new perspectives"

CV available upon request
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