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Devised Designs

Work not based on texts, but rather character inspired or thematically constructed.

Valby Ruta: Saffi

Scenography for a short film created for the Valby Ruta ProjectThis piece explores isolation, intimacy, comfort in constriction, disorientation, and sensations of time through movement and light. It awarded me the rare opportunity to work on a piece that conceptually centered around the scenic design.

AfterlightImage 60.JPG.jpg


Through a ridiculous flying apparatus and entirely unique original character,

this work answers the question, "if someone is up there, what the hell are they up to?" Occupied confirms our suspicions and fears; our guardian is preoccupied.

Copy of DSC04660EDIT.jpg

Functional Costume Design

What do we do with the things that are left behind by those we love? This costume became a character as well as a piece of functional equipment. I wanted to interact with the shirt in unexpected ways while in the air.

YoungStage2015_05936 copy.jpg
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